What To Expect from PHP7


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Very clear intro & headsup for PHP7, enjoyed it

Really good and informative.

I know some of the IDE's are starting to include tools to help migrate too. Zend Studio has something in its latest version, 13.

Great talk, all I want to-do is upgrade everything NOW

Michael Cullum at 12:01 on 3 Oct 2015

Good talk outlining some important new PHP 7 features.

Denis Brumann at 12:02 on 3 Oct 2015

I liked the concise description of the new features with the code snippets to make them clearer, I liked the part about upgrading to PHP7. I was hoping to hear more about pitfalls and how to set it up, but it was definitely enough to get you started and in the end you have to see it in your own projects anyway.

Great overview of what's new and the upgrade path to 7, and a lovely person as well. Great talk as always.

As always Lorna gave a interesting talk and covered a lot of the upcoming features and changes to PHP7 that we need to consider. Lorna is always a pleasure to listen to.

Lee Driscoll at 12:20 on 3 Oct 2015

Great talk Lorna. Really informative.

Very good talk, with lots of info.

One thing I thought it was missing was information about using null with scalar type hints.

Clear, informative, entertaining, honest, inspiring. Loved it.

Thought I knew what php7 was about but apparently I didn't know all of it. Great overview and a very good explanation of the functionality that's on it's way. Some invaluable insights into the gotchas to be aware of when upgrading.

Yes, I do want to jump in and start using php7 now.
Thanks for making me impatient, Lorna!

Joz at 15:00 on 3 Oct 2015

Very informative, not intimidated anymore to delve into PHP7

Anonymous at 17:29 on 3 Oct 2015

I've been way too busy too have a serious look at PHP7, and this talk was extremely useful in getting up to speed. I'm always impressed by Lorna's speaking style, she explains everything very clear. Thanks Lorna.

Very informative on the goings on with PHP development. Something I should probably pay more attention to in the future as it looks like things will be getting much slicker. Loved seeing the numerous code examples .

Mark Railton at 16:28 on 4 Oct 2015

Brilliant talk from Lorna giving an excellent insight into what to expect from PHP7. I especially loved Lorna's energy on stage and her obvious enthusiasm for the topic.

a great overview of what's to come in PHP7 and I think we all left the room wanting to rush off and upgrade at least one box on Monday.

The talk was presented in Lornas usual style, clear and moving at a pace everyone can keep up with. an enjoyable talk and one everyone should watch if they are unsure whats coming and need a graph to convince the boss those production boxes need upgrading.

Rich Sage at 18:51 on 4 Oct 2015

Lorna's talk was excellent as usual, and I'm now itching to upgrade to PHP 7! Particularly enjouyed the short & succinct code examples to demonstrate the new features and changes coming in.

Fantastic delivery, good source of information.

Good talk, well delivered, and encouraging to hear that upgrade should not be painful... almost looking forward to it now!

Great overview. Enjoyed the talk.

A Clear and insightful look into what's coming in the new version of PHP.

The talk was delivered exceptionally well, with all of the new PHP7 features that are relevant to developers covered. There's plenty to be excited about!

Good practical tips

Great talk. Very informative, yet easy to follow. Fingers crossed this time next year the majority of us will be using php 7.

Great intro into some of the new features in PHP 7 and definitely whet everyones appetite to upgrade.

Lorna is a confident and informative speaker, as always, and the talk was a definitely a way of getting everyone excited about the new hotness in PHP7 and why we should be upgrading.

The code examples were short but perfect for getting across the points Lorna was making.

This talk left me wanting to just upgrade all the things!

Good heads up as to what's on it's way.

An excellent and informative talk.
I would have liked to have seen how PHP7 performs compared with other popular languages.

Andrew Smith at 09:38 on 8 Oct 2015

Great talk, very informative and did a good job at introducing me to more of the PHP7 features. Learned quite a bit about the Error handling in PHP7 and how it will make debugging better, I also got a better understanding of anonymous classes from this talk.

Great talk and insight as to what to expect with PHP 7. Everything was explained very well with easy to understand examples.