“Writing code that lasts” … or writing code you won’t hate tomorrow


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Michelangelo van Dam at 17:35 on 28 May 2016

A very impressive and well delivered talk! Great and clear slides, good pace and the correct dose of humor. 6 ????rating!!!

Robert Šorn at 17:42 on 28 May 2016

Very well delivered principles. Elsers group FTW. :)

Good tips any guidelines for newbies and experts alike.

Great talk, both the topic and the presentation style

Nenad Kozul at 13:47 on 29 May 2016

What have elses ever done to you? :(

Great talk for beginner developers. And a briliant presentation.

Excellent talk.

This is talk you want to watch over and over again to grasp each one of the jewels from this talk. I watched version of this talk before, a
and again I was still focused every second. One of the best talks on the conference.

Excellent presentational skills. This man knows how to keep attention.

Ivan Dilber at 14:04 on 31 May 2016

Some very good points and excellently delivered...