Slim Framework builds on the PSR-7 HTTP message interfaces and provides useful features such as routing, and a DI container. It's lightweight and so is an ideal platform for building APIs. We'll look at how to use Slim as the basis for a fully featured API. We'll cover the key concepts around HTTP request-response resource APIs including handling content type and status codes, authentication and also returning errors appropriately. By the end of the session, you'll be able to build a Slim API.


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Excellent talk, with focus not only on the presented tool (Slim) but in general on good API practices. I found the talk very suitable for beginners, as well as for advanced users.
I think it could also serve as a very good basis for a workshop on the topic.

Really interesting talks about good API practices. For me an unanswered question was: How do you integrate Slim with other existing projects? Lets say I need to build an API for already existing project (ex. made in Symfony or other framework) and use its domain logic for calculation and generating data for response.

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Srdjan Vranac at 12:50 on 27 May 2017

Great overview of good API practices, and a nice introduction to Slim fw.

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Milan Urukalo at 20:10 on 27 May 2017

Great talk about best API practices, and very nice speaker

Easy to follow

Excellent. Described everything in a thoughtful and well developed manner. I may even learned something :). Great job.

Great talk about building APIs that comply with PSR-7 standards

Rated 5

Robert Basic at 12:44 on 2 Jun 2017

I love Rob's presentation style. Every time I see him present I enjoy the talk very much and I learn a lot - this time was no exception.