Content Security Policies are another tool we should have in our security toolbelt to help protect users of our sites. In this session you'll learn what they are, why they're needed, how they work and the limitations on what they can & cannot do to protect users.

You'll see a demo of attacks a CSP will block, you'll see a site broken by a CSP, show what the different CSP directives & options will do and be introduced to some of the tools available to help with implementing a CSP on your sites!


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Very enjoyable, engaging and useful. Plus D&D. Really helpful.

Mike Oram at 21:24 on 18 Oct 2017

One of the best talks iv heard in a while. Fantastic, confidence, good jokes, brilliant content. Something I have never heard of but now feel like i can start using it straight away. Really well delivered with very clear slides and explanations.

Lucia Velasco at 21:25 on 18 Oct 2017

Wonderful charisma, powerful examples, useful content and practical advice. Thank you for trekking to the SW for us!