Programming is easy until you have to deal with data. We'll review the Designing Data Intensive Applications book, which covers different types of database, the ways to use them, and how to combine them into a complete distributed system for handling data with fewer headaches.
I'll show you how I applied some of the concepts and pattern from this book in PHP in an application that cleanly handles multiple messy data sources.

Unfortunately we can't head anywhere afterwards for a drink, but we'll keep the chat going so that you can chat with each other.


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Dan Ackroyd at 21:00 on 8 Apr 2020

Nice talk.

The matching algorithm slide could do with more obvious markings on the diagram for each step. To make it a bit easier to follow.

Will Gibson at 21:02 on 8 Apr 2020

Great talk. I found it really interesting, thank you for putting it together.

Lucia Velasco at 21:53 on 8 Apr 2020

Brilliant, clear examples.This has cleared up some misconceptions (or conflations) I had and provided some really good advice I'd like to put into practice soon. Thank you!