Back in January, PHPSW had two great talks from Rob Allen (@akrabat) and Dave Liddament (@daveliddament) on the static analysis tools that the PHP community has built around stricter typing.

But what is "stricter typing"? What problems does it solve, and how do you use it to solve them?

In this talk, Stuart will introduce you to the fundamental principles involved. He'll show you the basics of "robustness" and "correctness" in your software engineering, the costs of tackling those using defensive programming and Design by Contract(™), and how to use stricter typing to bring those costs


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Mike Oram at 20:12 on 8 Apr 2020

Great talk with really solid practices. I love value objects and use them all the time, with validators (data guards in your terminology) which are a great solution. You broke the problem down really well and then built up the solution in a clear way. It was a little slow but as a first-time online talk and as someone who has seen a lot of this before that might just be me.

Chris at 20:15 on 8 Apr 2020

Thanks, many new insights.

Lucia Velasco at 20:17 on 8 Apr 2020

I really liked this talk, I found the Q&A particularly valuable - I noticed some parallels with functional programming, so it was really nice hearing Stu mention those (regarding nomenclature and practices).
The explanations at each step were really clear, and I liked the example you used.

Dan Ackroyd at 21:00 on 8 Apr 2020

"typehints" - ಠ_ಠ

Parameter types.
Return type.
Property types.