As we progress through this age of digital dependency, do we fully understand the risks we are taking with our data each and every day? From companies announcing data breaches with an ever increasing frequency, to ransomware attacks and good old fashioned phishing attempts, our digital identities are under constant threat. This talk will highlight some of the ever more complex and subtle ways in which we are under attack, and start the conversation on how we - as both end-users and developers - should approach the problem before the World is taken over by Nigerian princes, fake news authors and the NSA.


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Lucia Velasco at 19:47 on 27 Sep 2018

I enjoyed this, it's a subject I'm fascinated by
I loved how clear the slides are and the pop culture references, they were great for reinforcing your points.
I would recommend projecting your voice more and paraphrasing the slides a bit more.
Thank you! I'd love to see you give this talk to a wider audience, perhaps at Bath Digital Festival!

Mike Oram at 19:47 on 27 Sep 2018

Good talk, easy to follow flow. Could have talked a bit louder to compete with the fan in the background but it's an interesting topic and a good thought. Possibly a little negative view but fair opinion. Nice tip with the Gmail service ability.

Rhys Laval at 21:21 on 27 Sep 2018

Really good talk and an interesting subject. Push your voice more to the crowd :)

Interesting and easy to follow. Good slides with a helpful amount of information and engaging examples. Posed lots of interesting questions and offered some neat tips. I perhaps would have liked to see more ideas of ways to move forward in this area as I felt the talk had quite a negative tone, but I guess it's a scary area!