This talk takes a look at the positive impacts that automated tests can have on architecture. Unit testing in PHPUnit or PhpSpec, as well as behavioural testing using tools like Behat, have a noticeable effect on software architecture. Tested (or testable) code is often easier to work with, cleaner, and has architectural advantages. We will take a look at some of the impacts that a good test suite can have on your application’s architecture, and how to let your tests be your architect.


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Aldo Fiore at 20:35 on 12 Jun 2019

Great talk about testing our code. It has never been easy for me to really understand things about testing, but this talk has given me a new insight of what testing can be other than actually test the code! Well done!

Rob Wilson at 20:49 on 12 Jun 2019

Awesome talk by Sam, some great information around testing, with the pros and cons clearly defined.

In addition to the information given, I'd have like to have scene a "demo" of the code running (via a video,live coding is risky).

Good job :)

Lucia Velasco at 20:49 on 12 Jun 2019

Great stage presence, and nice clear slide visuals.
I liked that you engaged the audience with polls.
There were a few moments when you mumbled a little at the end of a sentence, idk if they could hear you at the back then. Excellent elocution, though! There was a bit of waffle around the TDD and Architecture slide.
I think this would be a good talk to give as a guest lecture at a bootcamp, it's very straightforward and comprehensive, and a very important subject!
I liked that you explicitly stated you're open to questions throughout.
Nice visuals.
Thank you!

Testing is something I'm still not confident with, but there was alot of information I took from this talk and will need to think about in the future.
Well done!

A succinct talk covering the various layers and purposes of testing and how they help to focus your code writing.
Even though I have extensively used behat in the past, it was great to hear about again cementing the importance of BDD.

Roussetos at 08:38 on 13 Jun 2019

Really nice talk Sam.

Clearly showed how the way we develop affects the structure of our classes, by traditional methods, with unit testing, with TDD and with BDD.
I would like a bit of a better pace maybe and be a bit clearer at the end of the sentence at times. And spice the slides a bit more, though I understand there was a time limitation.

Really important point that our app requires the details from stakeholders and business analysts to make sense, use the appropriate terminology and be to the point without excessive/unnecessary methods.

Really good job there!

John at 09:26 on 14 Jun 2019

good talk and presentation, bit slow tempo