The web API has been a vital part of the JavaScript ecosystem for quite some time now, giving us AJAX, window timers and more. With the rise of progressive web apps, the web API's functionality is increasing like never before. To compete with native applications, the web API has some fantastic and powerful new features, with some awesome, and scary results. During this talk we will explore some of the newer web API features, how to use them and more importantly, the risks that they pose.


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Lucia Velasco at 20:11 on 14 Nov 2018

In case my battery dies I thought I'd better tell you it was excellent.

Rob Wilson at 20:41 on 14 Nov 2018

Fantastic talk by Mike. Some fantastic items covered, and brave to do some live demos (with audience participation).

Some of the code / demos had some smaller text which may be hard to read for viewers, otherwise good job ?

Probably the most interactive lecture I've seen at phpsw! Captivating to see in action.

Lucia Velasco at 20:49 on 14 Nov 2018

Please change colours for browser support, it's v confusing.
I think you spent over long on whether this talk is about Web API or security.
Good pace of speaking, though, I think!!
Please be more optimistic, I believed in your demos, you should, too :D
I ducking loved the demo, really fun. I would kind of have liked to have seen the battery one, but you know...
This all felt really interactive and I love that! Esp the penultimate demo.

Informative, fun and thought provoking. Highly recommended!

Matt Tapley at 21:02 on 14 Nov 2018

BEST TALK EVER!!! albeit a little concerning...

Dave Barr at 17:00 on 15 Nov 2018

Brave man doing 'live' interaction demos (taken to a whole new level with an app) - great “wake up” call as to the potential nasties out there waiting to be exploited. He also takes a good photo :)