Building line-of-business web applications for clients with traditional IT departments brings its own set of challenges when it comes to DevOps. In particular, the IT department adds additional constraints that you may not see in more forward-thinking companies. In this talk, I explore these complexities and shares some solutions we came up with in order to use modern development practices in nontraditional environments. I'll also cover the organizational and technical challenges encountered when IT departments are not used to developers having a say in the server environment and show you why it’s worth spending time getting them on board.


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Craig Potter at 21:11 on 9 Aug 2017

Really interesting to hear how to deal with traditional it system. Good how it can be paired with legacy systems and a base to use going forward!

Good to be reminded of the basics of reliable deployments. Thanks.

Michael Bush at 21:19 on 9 Aug 2017

Well presented talk with good examples and explanation. There was clearly alot of planning and preparation to provide a very informative and well structured talk.

Erica Bradbury at 21:36 on 9 Aug 2017

Clear and informative talk and nicely presented. Case studies helped make it entertaining. Thorough answers to questions at the end too.

Robbie Dyer at 22:14 on 9 Aug 2017

It's very interesting to hear the history of modern deployment methods as that's something which I've never really thought about before. Having the basic steps laid out so simply was also very useful. Having a bit more detail in the examples is the only suggestion I can think of.

Peter Fisher at 16:21 on 10 Aug 2017

Its very easy to just think of deployment as what we do in this 'New Age' of 'Cloud Computing'. This talk was a great reminder that many legacy systems and legacy work flows are still being used.