What's the deal with chatbots (estimated market value of USD $1.34 billion by 2024)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of machine learning vs rule based systems? Is the Singularity gonna wipe us out tomorrow?

With little things like that out of the way, this talk will focus on introducing ChatScript, the gold standard in rule-based conversational NLP (natural language processing). I'll demo how to build a chatbot of increasing sophistication, and how to harness PHP to apply the chatbot functionality to a wide range of applications


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Mike Oram at 19:56 on 13 Feb 2019

Nice idea, worked really well and was very innovative. Would have been good to have some slides at the start to go along with the facts "Luke" was saying to help reinforce them. The JavaScript examples were not very coherent or well planned, would be easier to understand with some conceptual slides explaining the ideas with very trimmed down code for people to follow the principals. Really good examples of API connections, demonstrates the power of chatscript and bots really well.

Lucia Velasco at 19:57 on 13 Feb 2019

Convivial start!
This is fascinating.
Explain the singularity to audience just in case.
Would like subtitles.
Hard to write, focusing on Mark Hamill. Is there a more human sounding voice, for my brain to parse?
You can say the name of the rude language lol.
Love the warnings! Good to see your local server.
I like light mode bg for presenting.
Would have liked more structure in learning how chstscript breaks down sentences and words - maybe even one demo, then a breakdown of the composite parts in slides? Fascinating.
Your speak function is nice to read.
Change TTS to Text To Speech in comments for onlookers.
I don't know if you needed to cover sendMessage().
Man I could have a whole talk on capturing rules!
Thank you so much.

Rhys Laval at 19:58 on 13 Feb 2019

Great topic brought over very well with a mix of humour!

James Benson at 20:04 on 13 Feb 2019

Really enjoyable talk, really interesting subject and good use of humour. Might be worth reiterating all the important points Luke made, since he wasn't always the easiest to understand.

Really good speaker, could do with some text to go with the beginning of the talk as Luke was a little difficult to hear but very enjoyable :)

Great idea having a live chat bot. Lots of humour throughout. Interesting topic and an area I'd like to see more of.

I would have preferred more of an in-depth look at chat script. The php and JavaScript code shown was just standard plumbing code and, in my opinion, not that interesting.

Also think again about how best to show some of the things you were showing in the terminal window. It was quite hard to read.

In short, an interesting topic. Keep the start. More chat script please. Think about another way of presenting the other bits so no need for a terminal window.

Roussetos at 00:02 on 14 Feb 2019

It was a nice introduction to an interesting subject with an example that show the capabilities of the technology.
Nice sense of humor, loved the spanish Lucas version :)

However, I do feel that the visual aspects of the presentation needs reworking.
Avoid terminal if possible for showing what's required. Pre-screenshot and edit maybe?
Same with the code examples where we were scrolling through.

Picking the most important points and adding them to a different medium might have been more useful and improve readability.

Nice subject though and keep it up!

Very interesting - well constructed and quite entertaining.
Have not looked at chatbots before but after this I would not be afraid to have a go.
I did find the presentation style a little bit fragmentary and hard to follow at times - whereas when answering questions at the end the speaker was, for me, much more fluid, expressive and interesting.
I suspect there is a lot of scope for humour (intentional or unintended, anecdotal etc) from the construction chatbots. The speaker got some of that in there.
Many Thanks.