Night of the Legacy Code


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Michael Bush at 20:33 on 10 Oct 2018

Lots of good advice, maybe cover naming conventions too. Clean code examples and the talk flowed well between each tip in an incremental way. Well done.

Lucia Velasco at 20:34 on 10 Oct 2018

Love the title.
I like having an agenda, as it were, for the talk on the first slide. I like that you developed a subtle, intuitive shorthand to communicate with your Glamorous Assistant.
This was full of really valuable information, and actionable advice, for external APIs as well as internal legacy code! I think you used concise, effective vice examples, which really reinforced what you were saying. The frequent summaries helped me keep track.
There are some good apps to combine speaker notes and slide switching, shame about the mic.
Really impressed overall!

Mike Oram at 20:35 on 10 Oct 2018

A lot of good problems found in legacy code bases, very relatable. Well delivered with good code samples. Could have done with a little longer on the code slides but well explained and very clear

Mark Finney at 20:39 on 10 Oct 2018

Good advice on how to tackle something most try to avoid!

Excellent examples, really easy to use and integrate into a variety of old code.

Some polish on the slides and integrated speaker notes would make this a really good talk.

Mike Oram at 20:45 on 10 Oct 2018

Good delivery, clearly spoken with great slides and a good amount of humour. Good tips but I'd liked to have heard about some of the projects you rejected and why.

Fair play for getting this together and such short notice. Some code advice and top tips about picking up and cleaning legacy code. Thanks

Good talk, good advice. Clear and to the point.