A light-hearted poke at the recruitment industry with a specific focus on the development market in Bristol. Maybe one or two golden nuggets of guidance for anyone about to step into the recruitment void.


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Michael Bush at 20:52 on 10 Oct 2018

I really like this talk and this is something I have heard many times from friends of mine in the industry. Very well presented with humour in all the right places. Amazing... Thank you.

Very good, enjoyable talk. Nice to hear some stories from the recruitment side of things!

Lucia Velasco at 20:59 on 10 Oct 2018

Another fresh approach to the brief, I love it.
Hilarious, relatable start! I think you really played to your audience. Ehem, next time take a screenshot of the search box, photos of screens don't come out well :)
You spoke at a good volume! I like your use of narrative. You're a good public speaker.
Also, as a recruiter at a code meetup talking about how much recruiters can suck... Ballsy. I like it.
Thank you for being so nice about developers at the end, too.

Zan Baldwin at 21:00 on 10 Oct 2018

A very entertaining talk! Some great stories, except now I know they're true they suddenly became terrifying :\
It's nice to know there are recruiters out there that don't follow the stereotype :)

Mike Oram at 21:01 on 10 Oct 2018

Well delivered with clear speech and well paced. Great stories that don't surprise me but we're told very well. Only improvement would be to memorise your talk and not use notes. Understanding for a first talk though

Awesome. Funny. Great advice.

Only thing to make it better would be more horror stories lols

Mark Finney at 21:03 on 10 Oct 2018

Entertaining, useful and well delivered! A great end to the talks...

Rob Wilson at 21:03 on 10 Oct 2018

Fantastic talk by Nathaniel. I know he was very nervous, but it worked really well. Couple of tweaks needed for the screenshots (but I think you noticed that too).

Good job (still hate recruiters ?)

Alicia Teagle at 21:04 on 10 Oct 2018

Great work Nath! And honestly they are very true and there’s loads more. On to your next talk Mr Smith

Peter Stone at 21:04 on 10 Oct 2018

Great talk, terrifying stories and good advice to avoid them. Could have done with a bit more prep on the notes, but a very good talk

Good pacing, good use of images and good stories.
Nice work taking on the challenge of a recruiter talk! Confidence will definitely help make it smoother.

Chris Sheard at 21:08 on 10 Oct 2018

Very well done Nathaniel, well deserved feedback and a great start for your first ever talk! SR2 is proud of you!

What a bunch of ... these recruiters are but not this one.. A great talk with some useful tips to protect devs from the BS of the recruitment sales process.
A really engaging talk, and a hilight of my evening