Turning Coding Nightmares Into Coding Dreams


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Michael Bush at 20:41 on 10 Oct 2018

Great talk giving a different point of view in the world of software development. Talk was clearly given with good examples and demonstrated smart goals in the development process and project planning. Thank you.

Zan Baldwin at 20:45 on 10 Oct 2018

Good use of imagery, a refreshingly different perspective that this industry often overlooks. Well done, especially after a 16 hour day!

Lucia Velasco at 20:45 on 10 Oct 2018

I love the fresh approach to the brief, especially given a professional interest in the other side of the fence, as it were.
I admired the compassionate perspective that came across.
The baby gif is effective but a bit distracting when you're talking, it might be good to have a slide after to wait on after presenting the gif.
I was curious how the one true goal interacts with Agile, do you iterate on what success looks like with the client?
I liked that you mentioned mental health day!