This is a story about how Mayden went from a team of 5 to 20 developers growing rapidly in a short amount of time, the problems that came with quick growth and how we transformed our team from a daily firefight to development team of the year!


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Lucia Velasco at 19:43 on 13 Mar 2019

Nice intro vibe, but quiet on some of it Louis.
Good detail added to the information on the slides.
Good use of gif. Dear lord, that display class story could use a content warning! O_O"
Good use of air quotes. Would have liked a bit more eye contact and um, wavy hands in some bit.
Really interesting point that scrum highlighted your problems, even if it didn't fix them.
The summary of the problems was quite long. Good for impact though.
Cute dogs. Good doggos. Not sure how it relates to the slide title.
Pause on the "Scrum... BUT no planning for eggs" for effect?
Would have liked a slide to introduce each scrum meeting, it felt like they meet into one without visual punctuation or a list.
I don't think you need to read the items on the teamwork slide out before talking about then (which you did on coffee reviews but not pair programming).
Excellent example of when you would use mob programming! V useful.
I don't know if this will come up later in the slide but I know there were a few resources that helped CM for example buy into flay structure. Could be good to put those in! Also naming scrum trainer used might be good?
It was really valuable to me to hear about your learning process, as opposed to just the end structure.
As general speaking advice, if you catch yourself saying um just slow down/pause instead - even if it feels like you've been silent for a year. People think your just a bit intense, which is A Look™. Dw, it wasn't a huge thing.
I like reiterating that this took you years, sometimes people overlook how long improvement/awesomeness takes and that is ongoing.
You should do another talk on the risk management stuff, that's really interesting, too, and I bet it would fill a whole talk really well.
I love the iterating responsibilities slide, that stuff is really important to me (obvs).
Nice use of the uncooked spaghetti image!
I love the collaborative approach regardless of"señorito".
Leadership slide - good use of breaking up the sentence instead of reading it out and then explaining.
Really interesting talk, thank you!!

Rob Wilson at 19:43 on 13 Mar 2019

Great talk from you both. Always difficult to say where you've come from (as it can be embarrassing), but glad that you have. The ideas and processes that you've employed may work for my workplace and team (although we've got a smaller team - but we things may work for us)

I'd have like to have seen less text on the slides as I felt you were talking more from them and I caught my self reading them instead of listening directly to you. A suggestion for them is to make the points appear on screen as you discuss them to the audience.

It was great that you had two speakers, it can be nerve wracking talking to so many people.

Eric Wing at 19:51 on 13 Mar 2019

Great talk! Really liked the format of 2 speakers. Nice change. Good funny slides and a relaxed tone with the talk. Excellent summarising of topics as well. It could been a little louder and clearer. I’m sure it’s a new talk but would be great to have the feel of not reading off the page. Overall very good. Thanks

Mike Oram at 19:57 on 13 Mar 2019

Interesting information relevant to a lot of companies with some contravertial ideas. It felt a little overly scripted at some points so work on a more natural delivery. I like the duel delivery, it can feel awkward but you shared the content well.

Really interesting stuff! And great evolution story. Sounds like a great place to work, and lots of ideas many businesses could take to help improve.

Interesting talk! Would love to hear more about how to make scaling decisions well from the start of a new company. Really nice speakers, would have been more engaging if you stood at the front in the middle than at the side. Really nice presentation.

Good talk, good delivery, some fresh approaches that I look forwards to running by the office to enhance performance!

Simon Lewin at 11:54 on 14 Mar 2019

An interesting and entertaining talk. Having two speakers worked well although a Dave needed a little more airtime.
It would have been even better if the speakers had read less from their notes.
And IMO it would have been interesting to have got the perspectives of Maydev devs in the audience too.