The world we live in is one where data is one of the most valuable assets. There are many different pieces of data we can analyze on all kinds of data from analytics of user behavior of your platform, user generated content, monitoring of exception rates, or when your core business model is to provide some kind of analytics platform. This talk will talk about how you can, in your PHP applications, perform utilize machine learning techniques to build models, analyze data to get useful information and spot anomalies.


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Andy Gale at 20:57 on 8 Aug 2018

Brilliant talk; very relevant to me atm and so interesting

Rob Wilson at 20:58 on 8 Aug 2018

Brilliant talk by Michael. Some great real world examples, and some basic math too. Humour worked well, and some interactions with the audience kinda worked (probably didn't help that we had beer). Some of the back and forth of slides were a bit confusing, but in all it worked well.

Martin Bampton at 20:59 on 8 Aug 2018

Very informative talk. Good introduction to the topic. Only suggestion would be to flip the order of the closest neighbour demo and the graph. Feels like it'd flow a bit more smoothly if you show the graph first :)

Thierry Draper at 21:10 on 8 Aug 2018

Confident speaker who enjoys the topic and achieved the impossible task of making stats sound fun! I would suggest tidying the slides around the line of equation illustration, as flicking back and forth over a few slides several times was a bit annoying.

Federico Vecco at 21:17 on 8 Aug 2018

Great talk. Well presented, code examples and interacting with people.

Kat Zien at 21:40 on 8 Aug 2018

Amazing talk by the best speaker I have ever seen in my entire very long life. He was funny; handsome, remarkably intelligent and after seeing him speak my life will never be the same again. I forgot to go home because I'm still sat here amazed at his ability to make such complex hard topics, which I unusually struggle with, easy to learn; like my alphabet.

Thanks Michael.

An engaging and informative talk. Great to finally have an application for the matrices stuff I was taught at 18 in further maths that ‘would be useful in engineering’.
Looking forward to going through the code examples in more detail too.

Peter Fisher at 10:24 on 10 Aug 2018

Very entertaining talk. This talk could of been very dry but Michael kept the audience engaged and interested. The diagrams and graphics really helped to explain the mechanics of the algorithms.
Thank you for an insightful talk.

Great talk about what it seems to be an increasingly hot topic. The speech was engaging and I enjoyed the enthusiasm and the interaction with the audience, although I would have liked to see more code examples during the talk.