During the life cycle of a system there can be vast amounts of internal and external influences that can lead to over complicated processes, infrastructure, design architectures, and ugly code. Decisions are sometimes made that can make software costly and difficult to maintain. The more complicated the software is the more time it takes to build, test and deploy.
What are the key areas that make software so complicated and can we identify these before they get out of hand?


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Andy Gale at 19:32 on 8 Aug 2018

Very informative, good style. The VW car example was not a good one however as the problem was with software based defeat device the resolution of which was actually a software upgrade.

Rob Wilson at 19:47 on 8 Aug 2018

Great talk by Peter. Great use of humour, and definitely some key points to take away. Presentation was good, and everything said is so so true. Peter started off bouncing whilst talking, but probably initial nerves to doing the talk.

Thierry Draper at 19:59 on 8 Aug 2018

Speaker clearly enjoyed talking about the subject and had both great insights and ideas to share. Only comment would be to clarify up front that the Essential Complexities were mostly referring to new builds, as it lost the flow a bit when it was reiterated every so often.

Federico Vecco at 20:02 on 8 Aug 2018

Great talk and we'll explain different points with some day to day examples.

Martin Bampton at 20:14 on 8 Aug 2018

Entertaining, informative talk. Good use of humour.

Nice talk, is not easy to talk about complexities in software going deep in the analysis of what it makes it so. I liked the analogy with the invisibility of software. I would perhaps enrich the presentation with real-life examples.