OpenAPI is the standard way to describe your HTTP API, adopted by most modern APIs. With the spec at the centre of your workflow, you can improve the quality of your API and development practices, and make integrations painless. With standardisation comes tooling and in this session, I will show you to leverage this to your advantage. We'll cover what OpenAPI is, why it's interesting and then how to use it. We will also look at how the OpenAPI specification enables you to create documentation, use mock servers and improve the robustness of our API with validation. This session is ideal for anyone who wants to write an API specification once and use it everywhere.


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David Lumm at 20:07 on 10 Nov 2021

Despite working with OpenAPI every day, this was very interesting. Encouraging and enthusiastic, reminding me why we use it. Even then, there was still some new insights and some things I need to take back to the team.

It was obvious at times that the talk was new, but at the same time the experience of the speaker shone through.

One of the slides had missing text 😉

Luke Chambers at 20:12 on 10 Nov 2021

Another great talk from Rob, that I really enjoyed.

In terms of what I liked:

- the summary/intro slides at the start of the talk
- the examples, breakdowns & explanation of the spec
- suggestions on how to create/edit api docs & tools
- slide on the mock server & the example
- slides on validation & using a schema to perform validation
- example on how to validate a request using the schema in PHP
- relatable stories & anecdotes throughout the talk
- clear, concise & to the point explanations for each slide


- fix the missing line of code on the "paths" slide that you pointed out :-)
- maybe adding a real world example for an endpoint where you compare the yaml spec against a published document to help contextualise the spec

Michael Bush at 20:19 on 10 Nov 2021

Well presented talk that was clear to understand, great timing and very informative. Maybe more examples would be great when explaining the specification but not essential.

Thanks for the very nice talk. It was very informative and well presented. Adding any real-life scenario would have been more helpful to clearly understand. I am not sure if the talk was recorded, if did, can you please share the video link