This talk covers steps for successfully trying out and implementing new things on an existing system. It will include practical measures you should take to avoid such traps as "Now what?", the Golden Hammer and biting off more than you can chew - whether you're thinking of trying out React, Scrum or Slack.


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Drew McLellan at 19:44 on 14 Jun 2017

Well structure presentation full of great info. Articulately and confidently presented.

Michael Bush at 19:46 on 14 Jun 2017

Very informative presentation with great examples to explain ideas and concepts.

Adam Evans at 20:28 on 14 Jun 2017

Really enjoyed the talk, I felt it had a good flow! Although referring back to a summary slide (similar to the last slide) would be good to keep track of where you are through the talk :-) all in all really interesting

Interesting presentation with great examples.

Paul Alden at 21:35 on 14 Jun 2017

Well structured talk with great info.

Steve DeVeaux at 23:27 on 14 Jun 2017

Enjoyed this talk, beginning with a poignant anecdote and using a fun analogy throughout to help get the main points across in an entertaining way. Well presented and confidently delivered.