Rapid web application development using SilverStripe CMS


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Rob Wilson at 20:33 on 10 Apr 2019

Great insight into silverstripe. Because of how simple it is, Im tempted to use it on a project to two. ;)

I'd have like to have seen the video(s) a little larger.

For Phil's first talk, he was a little quiet, but something that can be practiced (we all get nervous when talking to a room of people)

Great gif screencasts and code snippets, they were clear and easy to read.

You were a bit quiet at some points. I think looking at the laptop rather than the screen would help you face the audience and project your voice more.

Lucia Velasco at 20:33 on 10 Apr 2019

Nice use of audience engagement. I couldn't hear you very well.
I liked the clarity of the code examples and screenshots! The admin GUI gif could have been more zoomed in, but the code next to it was great.
Nice and informative, I have a better idea what I could use SilverStripe and how I would go about it!
I would have liked a pros/cons of the templating stuff, or why they decided to make it like that. Good food for thought!
Nice to know about the usage.
Thank you!!

Mike Oram at 20:33 on 10 Apr 2019

Good code examples, clear and easy to follow. Spoke too quietly so difficult to hear but the pace of delivery was good. Overall a nice broad intro to a CMS/framework iv not heard of before.