Feeling like you can't be bothered or you don't really care about something is the greatest threat to your own personal progression. This talk outlines a few ways to break through the wall of apathy and get enthusiastic about learning a new topic, even if its dryer than a popcorn fart.


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Eric Wing at 19:26 on 10 Apr 2019

Great talk. I loved the slides and good advice. Excellent use of a short time slot.

Mike Oram at 19:27 on 10 Apr 2019

Some great points to help all levels of developers, gaining some insight into things I do (or don't) which I shouldn't (or should). Even as a senior developer it highlighted some points I had not previously thought of. It felt a little rushed but appreciate the time available is small

Lucia Velasco at 19:27 on 10 Apr 2019

Very engaging stage presence, amazing GIFs. You blocked some of the slide, which wasn't a big problem.
Great mirroring of the resource gif. Funny.
I like that you give the meetup we're in as all example of immersing yourself in the community.
I like the time box tip. I mean, all the tips are just great. Great talk, I want to see it again.

Well delivered, great simple slide layout, and good memorisation of your content.

I found the gifs a little distracting after the first loop or two, maybe you could switch to a couple of bullet points or a static image.

Dan Ackroyd at 19:47 on 10 Apr 2019


Rob Wilson at 19:57 on 10 Apr 2019

Really good, and the GIFs for some good laughs, but made valid points - great points.

I'd have like to have seen some examples along side the points given, but a lightning talk is limited to time for this

Will use the motivational advice, about picturing where I was to were I am now, in the future. Also, loved the gifs.

Confident delivery and very entertaining slides to start the evening of talks. Made some good points, could maybe expand on the suggestions for getting over the apathy problem.

Sam Rogers at 08:47 on 12 Apr 2019

Friendly and engaging talk covering a lot of tips on how to stay motivated when learning a new technology. Excellent points delivered really well, definitely want to hear more after 10 minutes.