A demo of Postman showing how it can help for API development


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Rob Wilson at 19:54 on 10 Apr 2019

Great talk over Postman. A couple of reminders about what can be done (I'd forgotten about the environment variables). In addition to the live demo of Postman, some zoomed in views to see what was on the slides can help those at the back of the room

Mike Oram at 19:58 on 10 Apr 2019

Some great tips about some of the more useful parts of postman that are a bit more hidden. Loved the practical demo actually showing us how to do it.

Request chaining is exactly the feature I have looking for in API browsers.

There are so many features and you managed to cover an awful lot of them.

The live demo was really well done, but I think some of it could have been converted to small screen captures to make it easier to structure the talk.

Lucia Velasco at 20:02 on 10 Apr 2019

I needed this last year! Great stuff, great demo.
It was good that you went over the postman section just in case. It would have been helpful if you could zoom the postman stuff a bit.
Oh my gosh I love postman environments.
I hadn't come across setNextRequest - looks like it'll come in handy!

Phil Mobbs at 20:05 on 10 Apr 2019

Interesting talk on postman, highlighted some useful features id not seen before which would help with api development

Dan Ackroyd at 20:24 on 10 Apr 2019

Small tip that might improve the presentation a tony bit, you can skip asking people if they use a tool or a particular technology if you’re going to explain what it is anyway.

Sam Rogers at 08:54 on 12 Apr 2019

Brilliant presentation, I've not used Postman before but definitely will after this. Erica's delivery was well-paced and engaging, good choice of demonstration API as well.

Clearly, there's a lot more to it than we learned in 10 minutes and I'm excited to learn the rest.