Sam will be talking through the adjustments he's made to work better in a variety of team dynamics - including working with junior developers and non-distributed teams.


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Lucia Velasco at 20:20 on 10 Apr 2019

Good intro. Keep a consistent volume, you went a bit quiet when you talked about the academy people in the room.
Relatable on-stage presence! Really good points, I saw the people around me nodding pensively.
Enjoyed the eye-contact. That came out weird.
I love the emphasis on how important getting it right is for the junior devs/students.

Mike Oram at 20:22 on 10 Apr 2019

Great talk, clear and well delivered. Seemed casual and well thought out but with great info and will help seniors rethink their position with junior developers

Really enjoyed the analogy of training us new/newb developers. Another nice presentation using gifs to keep the audience engaged.

Rob Wilson at 20:24 on 10 Apr 2019

I was very impressed. I have a junior developer and agreed with everything said and presented. A way to improve such a good talk is possibly have a junior dev there who can back up what you've said.

Would not have thought it was your first time doing a talk, delivery and projection was excellent.

I liked the idea that “there is no MVP of a developer” and think it would be good to expand on that

Friendly casual style that came across well for delivering a talk. Clear points well made with amusing GIFs to illustrate - very easy to listen to.