"Trust me, our customers will tell us that the system has an issue long before any monitoring can..."

When Matt Wallace heard a senior developer say this nearly 10 years ago, he could hardly believe what he was hearing. Monitoring should *always* pick up issues quicker than your customers, and yet even in the age of NewRelic, DataDog, and Microsoft Insights there are a significant number of teams who only monitor whether their website is up or not.

In this talk Matt takes us through the different layers of monitoring, explores the differences between the types and acronyms, and explains why, regardless of where you work in the stack, you should be monitoring first and writing code second.


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Lucia Velasco at 19:49 on 8 May 2019

Excellent stage presence, I loved how your points were punctuated clearly by the changes in the slides.
I liked that you gave a range of concrete, familiar (real world) examples in each point you made.
More of this was new to me than I'd care to admit, and it was very clearly delivered. You did a great job of impressing WHY this stuff is important and useful.
Thank you for repeating the question.
I think some of the logos on your slides didn't have labels, and I promptly forgot what they were if I wasn't familiar with them.
Thank you, excellent talk! Humorous, engaging and informative.

Mike Oram at 19:51 on 8 May 2019

Great insight into monitoring. A lot of it was over my head as systems, logging and monitoring is not my responsibility beyond monolog, but it's interesting to hear about the different aspects that go into monitoring.

Rob Wilson at 19:56 on 8 May 2019

Thoroughly enjoyable talk by Matt. Learnt alot, and great to know that I've been doing some of my monitoring the right way.

Not much to improve on, Matt was clear and precise, and his slides are great, but would have like to have seen potentially a live example of LoRaWAN, and the integration of it to get a feel for the data and the information it provides

Sam Rogers at 20:16 on 8 May 2019

Very engaging and interesting talk from Matt, lots to learn as monitoring via Google Cloud Platform is the limit of my experience but definitely something I'd like to learn more.

It's difficult to find something to suggest as an improvement but I would like to see an in-depth follow up talk of a specific case study with implementation.