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Robin Hodson at 22:21 on 10 Feb 2021

Event comments:

I can't access the Slack channel: I had it running as a snap on Linux, but had to drop snaps to minimise strain on that machine. So I tried the Android app, which worked but not for new channels.

I'd like to be able to get a copy of my chat dialogue: I was able to screengrab a bit as a backup, but didn't expect it to disappear suddenly when the Zoom session ended. Any other difficulties in communication I experienced, were entirely my own fault.

Robin Hodson at 22:18 on 10 Feb 2021

Both talks were well-structured, and I found there were aspects I could engage with immediately, even though I'm a little out of practice at this time.

How could it be better? I don't know: We're limited by Zoom and any alternative would also be limited by anyone with a flakey connection. Mine kept dropping, but of course it's fine the rest of the time.

David Lumm at 20:56 on 10 Feb 2021

Another great event, thanks! I still contend that all talks and no toilet break makes Dave a sad boy, but maybe it's just me that can't control my bladder?

Perhaps we could do two lightnings, short break and then a less long talk? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Either way, it's always good to learn something new and to chat with a slightly different crowd!

Keep up the good work!

PHPSW strikes again. Glad I got myself organised enough to make it this time.

Shaun Forsyth at 20:12 on 10 Feb 2021

Another great event from PHPSW! Thank you