Talk comments

Mark S at 09:38 on 10 Oct 2019

Great talk and made me laugh, recognised some of the points raised. One way to improve might be to use a image of Pac-man game rather than a video, which was hard not to look at. Really enjoyed it thanks!

Mark S at 09:32 on 10 Oct 2019

Yeah great talk, thank you so much for showing us this great tool!

The audience participation bit was a lot of fun. Loved the 'This is fun' slides. I think you could improve the talk by showing how to install / set up rector.

Piers Hobson at 09:11 on 10 Oct 2019

Clearly very experienced speaker and developer imparting lessons learned throughout his career.

Great visuals, the gaming theme was good fun and I wasn't feeling left out as I'd only heard of half the games mentioned.

I'm sure the talk will be online but the further reading suggestions were displayed on screen and we had time to take a picture or note them down, nice!

Really enjoyed it, thank you

Piers Hobson at 08:56 on 10 Oct 2019

Great talk, confident speaker, looked really happy to be giving the talk.

The audience interaction was awesome. Visuals and demos were nice and clear on screen.

Advice to speaker: your English is great but maybe slow down a bit as I missed the few words used.

Interesting project, will definitely be trying out.

Really good, thanks for coming.

Well paced and good fun talk, with quite a bit of sensible advice in there. Thought provoking at one or two points too. I enjoyed it, and enjoyed meeting Gary in the bar afterwards.

Michael Bush at 20:47 on 9 Oct 2019

I really liked this talk and recognised many of the challenges I have also faced being self taught.

Very nicely presented.

Michael Bush at 20:46 on 9 Oct 2019

Great talk, well thought out and nicely presented. Really sparked my interest with this tool and definitely want to learn more.

Great talk, and really fun to have so much live programming / demo in there. Thanks

James O'Neill at 20:08 on 9 Oct 2019

Crowd refactoring exercises were fun.
I’d never seen beyond the first panel of “This is Fine” before.