Talk comments

David Lumm at 20:49 on 10 Jun 2020

Short but sweet, with some useful reminders to actually think about what we're doing instead of just doing what we've always done. I think the talk could probably be a little longer, with some more examples of not using getters/setters, and maybe some other examples of PHP cargo cult practices.

Unfortunately there were a couple of problems with the connection and volume with the speaker, but overall it went well.

David Lumm at 20:12 on 10 Jun 2020

Really good talk with a lot of breadth, lots to consider and lots of branching off points from where we can continue to investigate the applications for ourselves. There's a lot of facts and figures and I'm glad there will be a copy of the slides to download after!

A great job delivering the talk in unusual circumstances, and difficult to judge the audience without seeing us all!