Talk comments

It's great to see a different angle things we as developer have to deal with most days. A good talk. Entertaining speaker. Clean, clear slides. Good font!

I came to this talk knowing nothing of DnD. I'm sure others will be in a similar situation. I think you have 2 choices for conferences:
Update abstract and/or say very near the start that this talk assumes basic knowledge of DnD. This allows those with no knowledge to go to another talk, or at least stay having been forewarned. Much in the same way speakers might say this talk assumes working knowledge of technology X.
Or better still, give a DnD 101 for people like me, so we can stay and get the most out of it. I don't think it'll take long to get everyone up to speed.

I didn't quite get the grid bit, but that's probably just me.

I thought there were times when there wasn't a clear enough delineation between the story telling and application to real life. Perhaps whilst telling stories you could have the hat on, and then when doing the applying to real life bit remove the hat. (Or have 2 positions on the stage depending on what you're doing).
Also there were spells when it sounded like you were reading which felt less engaging than when you were speaking normally. I realise, but only a few days after the event, that this might be deliberate. Again a DnD 101 at the start might help with noobs like me.

I think this is a very good approach to a subject. To make it 5 star you just need to make sure everyone knows the DnD basics.

A good first talk. Confidently delivered.

Tips to improve:
- a few more rehearsals to make it all a bit smoother.
- Work out what your key messages are
- Make sure those points are clearly made at the appropriate points in your talk.
- Make sure they are summarised at the end.
- Make sure the structure of the talk supported the points you're trying to make.

With a bit of polishing this should make a good keynote.

I found it a kind of celebration of people's different approaches to problem solving. Entertaining too. I wonder how it would apply to a larger open-source type community.

I use Symfony but had not really thought about contributing. I certainly felt encouraged. Some more real-world experience stories would be of interest.

Paul Marks at 21:23 on 12 Sep 2018

Great delivery and entertaining talk. Felt slightly less geeky than normal having not played d&d or knowing the background to the avengers characters (I think), but found the comparisons/make up of teams and changes to teams relatable.

Paul Marks at 21:13 on 12 Sep 2018

Cool talk, liked the emphasis that contributing to a community isn't just about pr's. Liked the quotes, could have made more of an impact if they were read out. Best of luck for they keynote, you'll smash it.

A good call to arms talk to encourage community support. Zan’s talk was clearly fresh but showed some good potential. A few more goes through in front of the mirror should make something even better for Symfony conference, I hope it goes well.

Ryan Mauger at 20:48 on 12 Sep 2018

Fun and informative.

Peter Stone at 20:47 on 12 Sep 2018

A really slick talk, really enjoyed the analogies as a regular d&d player, but also thought the points raised of running a team and team makeup were good.

Ryan Mauger at 20:47 on 12 Sep 2018

Excellent talk, interesting and informative
Good to see non-code elements of open source being evangelised