Talk comments

Tom Robertshaw at 15:41 on 9 Jun 2016

Daniel's setup blows me away but just show you what you can do with tmux. Accessible for those that aren't familiar with similar tools.

on Tmux

Tom Robertshaw at 15:40 on 9 Jun 2016

Some useful tools and certainly made me laugh when Tom "recommended" tools and then decided that actually it wasn't that good.

on CI Tips

Tom Robertshaw at 15:39 on 9 Jun 2016

Insightful talk on Lee's experiences with SQS. Easily digestible and well delivered.

Tom Robertshaw at 15:38 on 9 Jun 2016

Useful intro into vim. Presentation was good. I feel it could have shared a bit more on the power features of vim though to try and attract people to why it's "better".

Tom Robertshaw at 15:37 on 9 Jun 2016

I definitely should make use of the live templates that Nathan ran through. Handy demo of how to use them.

Tom Robertshaw at 15:36 on 9 Jun 2016

Seemed like Jan knew his stuff and that Apigility is a service worth learning more about. This talk wasn't meant to be though. Live demo's didn't work and I struggled to understand what was going on.

Tom Robertshaw at 15:35 on 9 Jun 2016

Windows not my thing but it was an informative, engaging and well presented talk.