Every developer should be confident that their code is efficient and safe to run in production. But it can be hard to get started. What tools to use? What do the graphs mean? What to look at first? In this talk, we will analyse and optimise the performance of a simple PHP application. By demonstrating how to use some of the excellent open source projects such as xdebug, xhprof or meminfo I hope to give you a good idea of where to start with analysing and optimising your PHP code.


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Mike Oram at 21:05 on 11 Jul 2018

Great talk, good advice, easy to follow with great examples and tools. Topic can get a little dry so perhaps trying to add a funny slide/jokes in a bit more to lighten the load could work. Feel like it's really accessible for people who haven't done performance optimizations before.

Lucia Velasco at 21:05 on 11 Jul 2018

I found this really valuable. This talk made optimisation and benchmarking really clear, straightforward and accessible for me.
I think I didn't need as long on micro optimisation, but it was great that you raised it.
I'm glad you mentioned having a massive loop in your code as a start, I think it makes it easier to go from nought to ten to sixty than just "learn how to use this tool!!!". The examples you gave for installing extensions were, again, really simple and reassuring.
The takeaways were also things I consider very important to highlight, so that was wonderful.
Basically flawless. Thank you!

Rob Wilson at 21:05 on 11 Jul 2018

Great talk by Kat. The example with Xdebug and qcache was informative, and although I've been using Xdebug for a while, I haven't used Qcache (guess I'll be installing that tomorrow). No major gripes... I think there was a small spelling mistake on an early slide where it said 'is' instead of 'in',but it's me being picky.

Excellent and super helpful

Kiel Doyle at 21:10 on 11 Jul 2018

Great talk, lots of in-depth discussion of the techniques and software used. Great practical examples helped to demystify a lot for me.

Excellent talk.
Really nice following a working example of tracing problems in an actual codebase rather Ethan just talking theory.

Michael Bush at 21:45 on 11 Jul 2018

Really helpful talk with lots of useful information about things every developer should know. Would be great to cover more information about iterators, generators and using references for arrays instead of copies.

Rob Wilson at 23:07 on 11 Jul 2018

Update to my original... Kat has now fixed the typo... :)

Really excellent talk - I enjoyed the practical example of profiling using a real codebase. The memory profiler was completely new to me, so I'll definitely be checking that out.