Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Titanium


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Great intro to Titanium mobile development. Speaker was very knowledgeable and did well in answering questions from the audience.

Very excellent presentation. This is the first titanium presentation that actually made sense to me. Thank you very much!

Excellent talk. Vance gave enough detail to make me want to go learn more (the goal of any good presentation) without overwhelming me. If you want to know how you can easily develop cross platform mobile apps, download the slides for this talk.

Anonymous at 17:14 on 25 May 2011

Good talk. Speaker was knowledgable. The only problem I had is that Titanium seems to lower the barrier to entry too much. If you can't debug an app that is out to your users, that's a problem.

Really liked this talk, Vance was more than willing to show the pro's and cons of Titanium so people would not walk into it blindly. It certainly has made me want to look into this software to at least see what development on it is like compared to other mobile development. Overall a very balanced talk and showed all the main features of the software. Looking forward to try it out!

good talk - can't wait to try things out