First Class APIs


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This is a talk and concept every modern dev needs to hear. The graphs are great to show people how they are doing it wrong and how to do it "right"

Great talk on data ownership, the merits of APIs, and SOA. Loved it!

Excellent talk with solid ideas.

Sometimes it was controversial but general idea is really good. I'm sure some people already implemented these ideas but the speech presented all this in good structured and somewhat historical way. Thanks

Excellent overview of the reasonable way to go about building an API.

Well-done presentation. Speaker was relaxed and had quality, well-organized information

Great presentation showing the considerations of making APIs a key part of your product. Nicely delivered and great handling of audience participation.

Anonymous at 08:59 on 26 May 2011

Helgi can you share your slides from this talk? I would like to present it and show it at our next executive meeting to sell some of the uppers on it. Thanks!

This talk sucked. They should have said in advance that you needed to know Icelandic.

Great talk, this is a really good way of thinking about APIs

Great talk for anyone thinking of implementing apis in the near future