Git’s Meat Cleavers: Rebasing, bisecting, and other fun with Git


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It was an interesting presentation I enjoyed seeing rebasing work. It would have been useful to talk about workflow. Otherwise you just demoing rebasing. The why is usually what I'm looking for. Appreciated the demonstration

Decent presentation, very knowledgeable speaker. Would have helped to reformat CLI prompt so they didn't split over multiple lines. That made the demos much harder to follow visually. Mostly a series of demos.

Very informative. Requires pretty good knowledge of git.

Have seen such talks before. And while you can't really learn some of this stuff until you use it yourself, a pretty good try from a demonstration viewpoint. Also, finally learned the diff between 'git rebase', 'git merge', and 'git merge --no-ff', thanks to some personal questioning.

I believe this presentation was pretty informative. Though is basically was a demo, it covered the biggest mis-understood concept in git (especially those coming from an SVN background): rebasing. It didn't get into much of anything else, but it helped me understand what rebase actually would do, since I was mixing up in my head some of the terminology.