HTML5 Websockets


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Scott presented a great wealth of information under uncommon circumstances and did well. Kudos for his perserverance. I enjoyed his slides and the clearly documented examples. I feel like I need to research more information on the server side implementation of a websocket but that may have been due to the lack of power to the conference room impacting Scott's presentation.

Did a good job of presenting despite the power outage. Slides were detailed and informative. Glad they were online for us to follow along with.

Great job presenting under bad circumstances. Glad that the slides were online.

It took me a few minutes to get used to the cadence of the speaking. At first, it sounded a little choppy, but either it smoothed out as you went (calming down), or my ears adjusted to it. Either way, by the end, it felt a lot more natural.

Anonymous at 11:52 on 26 May 2011

Very nice talk with demos and code samples. Although ironically I could hear you better after the power went out; don't assume the microphone will amplify you. You can project your own voice, which you proved when you didn't have the microphone at all.

Very good talk, despite technical difficulties.

Great info. Loved the slides with working examples instead of just screenshots.

Good presentation - great job dealing with the power outage, and just plowing ahead in the dark by laptop light!