In the Shadow of the Ninja: Biding Your Time While You Plot Your Coup


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Good information, clear you have done a lot of research and collected insights from many luminaries in the community. Need to work a bit on your delivery. You appeared to be reading the information. Focus more on engaging the audience and interacting with them. Think a bit about eye contact, and moving out from behind the podium will make the talk feel more dynamic. When the author is clearly knowledgeable, the best presentations have the feel of having a discussion at the bar over a pint.

The content is awesome. There is some place for improvement of delivery

The content of the session is incredibly rich, this talk has potential to be really a great and inspiring talk. As mentioned, and this is perfectly understandable in a first time session, the delivery need to flow and be more natural, less reading more interpreting and reaching conclusions.
I would take all of this material and write the talk from your point of view, concluding with the interviewed quotes to "justify" the conclusions.
Really good job!

Very insightful information to pass on to junior and mid-level developers. Getting better with delivery comes with experience. Remember that when you look up, instead of down, your voice will project easier and you will be able to be heard. Speak from the chest, not the throat.

It was hard to figure out when you were switching gears to the next question. If you add inflection, or a quick pause between topics, it allows the audience to switch gears. A new slide at that time is also a good idea.

Great job for your first time speaking at a big conference!

Great job on your first presentation... As a newly minted senior this just what I needed

Excellent job and fantastic content. I won't repeat what the other said about delivery, but I did want to state that I was highly impressed with the information and depth of research you did. I would have loved a "roadmap/checklist" at the end to help summarize all your findings.

Thank you for giving good advice on where to go as a mid-level to become the haxor 1337 programmer I want to become.

As others have stated the content and research is spectacular - the slides and delivery need polishing (and then it will be keynote worthy!) Something like this - a "how to grow your career" is an excellent addition to any conference.