N Things You Didn’t Know Apache Could Do


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Great talk! Even in the dark it was a great talk!

Awesome informative discussion.

Probably the best presentation of the conference so far. Lots of interesting news about Apache 2.4 and features in current releases I'd never used before. Even a power outage couldn't stop Mr. Bowen.

Really well done, even with the lights out. I learned a lot. Luckily he had a copy of the slides online so many of us just downloaded them and he just kept going. I can't wait to try multiple SSL domains on one IP. Nobody uses ie6 anymore...or nobody worth speaking of anyway (rephrase from douglas adams).

Excellent talk, and way to soldier on with all the power outage distraction stuff! I know you were rushed for time anyway but I'd love to see a tutorial-style presentation of the first dozen or so applied to a "typical" mid-level enterprise Apache configuration...sort of like a "refactoring/design patterns" seminar.