Node.js for PHP Developers


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David provided an interesting discussion on how PHP and Javascript can merge into something new. A mashup of frameworks instead of meshing content. I enjoyed the presentation.

This wasn't what I was expecting at all - the actual presentation did not seem to follow the description outlined.

I enjoyed the various tangents and rants.

Presenter is great... Topic is a bit outside of my expertise, so I can't comment on content

The abstract talks about WebSockets and using Libevent to write event driven PHP. The slides said WebSockets aren't useful because no one supports them and Libevent shouldn't be used because it stinks. I was really hoping for the abstract version of things.

What was talked about was ok, but not what I came for.

I believe speakers are here to inspire and not teach, session time is usually limited for that. In that line of thought i enjoyed David's talk because it got me thinking of new possibilities and new ways of approaching coding php in general by learning from other projects from outside our community.

Anonymous at 15:37 on 26 May 2011

I liked the speakers energy, but the topic and description were not in sync with the presentation. I was looking forward to getting into the details of node, but instead got a high level presentation about the evolution of LAMP and streams.

Anonymous at 15:44 on 26 May 2011

I don't really feel like I know any more about Node.JS than I did before going into the speech. There weren't any examples, tutorials, etc. And in fact, much of the time was digressions and tangents -- some of which weren't even about Node.JS.

The session was also only like 35 minutes long.

Very interesting and good delivery, though I wouldn't mind some more practical and in-depth content.

I have to agree with the above comments. He had an excellent presence and is a gifted speaker but the content was not as promised.

This was a very entertaining talk, but it would've been nice if there was more node.js details. Very funny and engaging speaker though! I enjoyed it.

Even as I sit here three hours after the session, I have no idea what this guy was talking about. Lots of yelling, strange noises, and all around confusing behavior. Did someone let him into the liquor cabinet a bit early?

I wish it were more about node.js even though it's a PHP conference.

I think people had a hard time hearing and understanding, I was lucky enough to be in the front and hear everything.

Anonymous at 00:09 on 27 May 2011

It felt refreshing to see a speaker with so much creativity and energy. Even though I too would have liked to see more on node.js, the speaker covered a lot of material and provided the audience with fresh perspectives about both technology and the php community.

I am not sure I completely understand event-driven development yet but I have a much clearer idea now and the links provided by the speaker were very helpful.

I felt like the session was almost more about how to get php to act like node.js than node.js itself.

I echo other comments here. It was a great opinion talk on PHP, Node.js, nginx, event-driven development, frameworks, and all other things under the sun, and I enjoyed it from that perspective - but it was not what I expected. After hearing about node.js, I wanted to see it in action.

I pretty much agree with the other comments. I felt the presentation didn't have a whole lot of direction or focus. It felt more like a soapbox talk of opinions, which is alright but not what I was expecting. While I've done quite a bit of hacking with Node.js, and understood a lot of the material before hand, I think it left a lot of people in the dark who had no idea about Node.js before.

The microphone and audio didn't help the situation, though that was of no fault of the Speaker.