Optimizing a Zend Framework application


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Very nice talk; thank you. While we don't have problems with many, many users, we will definitely push the server guys for installing apc at the least and will investigate implementing the rest of these ideas.

Anonymous at 11:53 on 25 May 2011

Fantastic presentation! Tons of fantastic examples of how to immediately improve the performance of your code. The delivery was witty and charming to boot.

Anonymous at 11:53 on 25 May 2011

Brilliant! So many great examples of the inefficiencies of certain aspects of ZF, especially when it comes to Zend_View and Zend_Loader, and how to fix them.

Fantastic advice! I really appreciated each tidbit, and look forward to using the notes from this talk to go back and combat the performance naysayers.

Thanks for the practical advice on performance testing a ZF based application and, solutions that provide real performance gains in production.

Well-presented great information.

Very useful examples. Only suggestion would be to have a slide showing a benchmark of the differences before and after all the ZF optimizations.

Thanks for running through everything - very fast and some great reminders of things to consider. I would have liked to hear more about ZF2, but I'm also sure that will happen when you guys actually release. :)

Great suggestions... Unfortunately several of them require either editing ZF classes or doing overly complicated workarounds

Very useful, but why not to incorporate some of the described techniques into ZF itself? It's easy to edit ZF classes but most people who use SVN probably use svn::externals to incorporate ZF and it can be just impossible to edit ZF classes. Good speech anyway.

PS: please louder next time, accoustic is not very good in this room

This was a great session! I learned that 1) I was doing a lot of optimization things correctly already, and 2) Some new techniques for making my ZF apps better. Also, who knew there was a performance manual on the ZF docs site?

I'd encourage a bit of a volume increase though. It was a little hard to hear at times.

Good session. I learned I've been doing a few things incorrectly. Oh well, it was time for an overhaul of my app anyway. ZF rocks and I'm excited for zf2 when it comes out later this year (hopefully).