Teach A Man To Fish: Coaching Development Teams


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Great talk, clearly knowledgeable. Good engagement with the audience and great speaking dynamics. Loved the dark background picture so you can stand in front of the projector!!

Fantastic talk - as a technical person who has to wear the dev hat and the team lead hat this has been uber helpful.

Best "soft skill" talk I've heard in a very long time.

Another great session on "soft skills". Lorna has delivered another very inspiring session to get developers up and learning, and growing. Great session.

Wonderful talk with lots of excellent ideas on good soft skills to have as a developer, how to acquire and spread knowledge, and how and when to build and cultivate your team. Easily one of the best soft skill presentations at the conference. Brilliant.

Thanks Lorna, great talk. The points you've made mirror (and expand upon) some of the best tips I've already heard from managers - love the idea of link Tuesdays and the other knowledge sharing as well!

A great presentation for growing teams and managers on how to keep spreading knowledge.

Great presentation... I think everyone is ready to fish now!

Great structure of how to improve team development and well delivered!

Very good information. Different than what I expected going in but I wasn't disappointed. Good overview of strategies for profesional development.

Fantastic talk, lots of great ideas I can take back on how to improve team development and skill sets. Just wish more people from my office could have been here to hear it