ZeroMQ Is The Answer


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Presenter: 5 out of 5
Power grid: 1 out of 5

Excellent presentation by Ian that covered all you need to know about what ZeroMQ is and why it is good. Ian coped very well with the loss of power and it didn't distract at all from his presentation.

Great intro to Zero-MQ and the way Ian handled the power outage that prevented him from using slides, was simply amazing.

The power outage was not obstacle for Ian. It was very clear he had a fantastic depth of knowledge and was able to keep going without slide. In fact, this ended up feeling like the kind of conversation you might have one on one at a bar, which is not a bad tone at all for helping the audience learn the information. Thank you for keeping your cool and persevering thought the power failure. Way to go!!

Great presentation. It did all of the major things I believe a technology talk should do. It explained what ZeroMQ is, how it differentiates from other technologies, and patterns and practices for using it in real-life situations. Best of all, though, was it got me excited to try it out.

Extra points for handling the power loss very well and the Jurassic Park reference. :)