Demystifying CSS for Developers


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my disappointment with this talk was of my own making. I mistakenly assumed this talk was going to be more specific to CSS3. However, it was a more universal and basic level talk. But Justin definitely knows his stuff. Even with years of experience I did manage to learn a few tips from the "common misconceptions" section. I also enjoyed learning more about the CSS Preprocessors.

Excellent basic intro into CSS. Unless you are a black-belt CSS master, you will probably find something new and educational in this talk.

Anonymous at 13:32 on 24 May 2012

This was a great talk for providing some of the theory and background knowledge of things that I usually stumble into by tweaking and accident. It was great to finally get some understanding of why things work the way they do. I would have liked to have seen some slightly more advanced techniques, like new CSS3 selectors and working with more complex whole page layouts. Still an excellent talk.