While Subversion has quickly become a standard tool for maintaining open source projects, another up-and-coming standard is Git. The two fulfill very different needs, with svn being useful when you want a canonical repository with a standard set of hooks for project management, while git is more suited to projects with either subcomponents that may be developed in parallel or distributed teams with no central backing entity.

Two huge benefits of git, however, are it's dirt simple branching capabilities, and the ability to work entirely offline. So, what happens when you want these features, but your project uses Subversion? Why, use the two together, of course!

In this session, we'll look at how to use git+svn, a standard tool chain for cloning subversion repositories to a local git repository, including how to pull from and push changes to your canonical svn repository, as well as create local experimental branches.


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this sounds like an excellent topic. svn is still the industry standard VCS but Git is gaining momentum

I've become a bit of a Git junkie, but still recommend SVN for general professional use.

saounds interesting!

Definitely would like to here more about this.

Must see. Voted.

I really enjoyted this talk. Great how it showed (which I never knew) how git can 'suck in' and speak with SVN.