MySQL Server Performance Tuning


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Good presentation. While the technical depth of the slides is good for reading outside of the presentation, they don't provide good visual feedback to the audience while that content is being presented verbally. See the book Presentation Zen. More visuals arranged around problems, causes, and effects might make the slide deck stronger.

Great presentation, Due to the huge amount of info I understand why using visual feedback slides wouldn't work, tuning mysql could be a day long course easily and she had to condense it. I think she did a great job due to the time constraints. The descriptions of the variables were some of the best I have seen to date I cant wait to review the slides more closely.

You can find the slides for the talk at

This was a good presentation, but it went by quickly. I think she could have showed you how to get the global MySQL config, then focus on three or four of the most common/interesting/misunderstood variables. Definitely a lot of ground to cover.

You needed at least 2 sessions to cover all that information! Perhaps you could have an A + B presentation and divide up materials that way.

Also, although it's impossible to have absolute numbers to offer as 'good' performance values - there most certainly are rules-of-thumb, ratios and percentages that can be generally suggested as performance red-flags that require investigation. Including those in the presentation would help, albeit with a big "YMMV" slapped on them!

My preference is for less wordy slides - but you already acknowledged that you needed them for the presentation, which is fair.

For a first-time presentation I thought you did admirably :)

Wonderful talk... but all the MySQL are just way too much for one straight talk like this.