Opening Keynote


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Opening keynote was highly funny but still quite informative. Quite liked it.

From what I've gleaned from speaking with other developers who attended the meeting, it wasn't quite as all-inclusive as I would have liked. It didn't seem to speak definitively to any decisions that were made, only what matters were considered. Entertaining and informative nonetheless.

This was a very entertaining keynote. Lots of humor, but also good information being given out. Wasn't too much 'new' information if you are a regular conference attendee or watch what's on the web. But otherwise a great overview. Also good perspective of the history of PHP, and where PHP will be going.

Awesome keynote by Andrei, lots of internal jokes, lots of humor, but tons of information. The future of PHP looks good!

Good work Andrei, enjoyed the humor in your talk. Excellent use of clip art :)

Great talk with a brief history of PHP, what's on the horizon for the future, and some good old fashioned venting.

Great opening to the conference. Some funny jokes and good information. Plus, anyone who spreads the legend of Wild Garlic deserves 5 stars. ;-)