SPL to the Rescue


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Excellent pace, admirable slides, commendable clarity, awesome motivational speaking, very informative, and great responses to questions. The plug for my blog post didn't hurt either. ;)

The only talk all day that made me stand up (only at the presenter's request). Totally grokking SplDoublyLinkedList; can I haz PHP 5.3?

A very good introduction to SPL, a part of PHP that is still very under valuated by lots of developers. It's good to see that people step up and talk about SPL and Liz has done a great job at it.

Go Liz !

I suppose it's personal preference, but I felt there was a bit of information overload in the presentation without enough specific implementation examples. Also, some slides are a bit 'wordy' and could be thinned down a bit to the bare essentials that you could speak to (ie. 13,22,29,45,47).

Sides 32-41 made my brain go to mush as I was trying to process/remember it all :) Mind you, going through the slides after-the-fact has been very useful - so, it's not all bad.

Your energy during the presentation was great - you kept it lively even if my brain felt mushy at the time :)

This was one of my favorite sessions. I stumbled upon SPL last summer and couldn't figure out if I should be using it or not. Liz answered all of my questions, i had many, and has motivated me to get more involved in php.

Informative talk, but SPL is to much for just on session. Would love to see focused SPL sessions or a SPL 3h tutorial so we can dwell deeper into each function and how it can be used.