Streaming XML


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I learned quite a bit in this session and will definitely be reaching for XMLReader more. The only criticism I have is that the presentation seemed to dwell on topics a little long.

Personally, I was looking for more specific examples.

It would probably require an entire "refactoring" of the presentation but I was thinking it would be good to see you take a real life example of XML document processing using XMLReader/XMLWriter and make that the central thread to the whole presentation.

You began talking about how XMLReader can help speed up reading pieces of the EBay WSDL - and was hoping that you were going to continue down the path of using an example like that through the rest of the presentation. More like: "Got problem 'A'? XMLReader can solve it like this: ... " or "Got problem 'B'? XMLWriter can solve it like this: ... ". Granted, that's my particular preference for a topic such as the one you presented on.

As noted above, the pacing was awkward - it dwelled on seemingly unimportant things for too long which caused me to lose focus at times.