Zend Framework and the CLI


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I think Cal Evans can even make Zend Framework an interesting topic... oh wait, this was on ZF! ;) And it was interesting for sure. Interesting to see the way ZF can handle the CLI now, and great to see the ways Cal uses it.

Paced a bit quickly. Fleshing it out for ZF newbies may help fill the full time slot. Having syntax highlighted code on slides (see http://weierophinney.net/matthew/archives/210-Syntax-Highlighting-for-Technical-Presentations.html) rather than browsing source files with less might have made it a bit easier for reading and pointing out relevant blocks as the presentation progressed. Would be interested in seeing the same goals accomplished with Zend_Tool. Nice enthusiasm.

What I saw was good (I came in a little late), but I would have liked some more background on Zend framework. However, Cal did contrast the security considerations of a web application vs. CLI script. He also showed some practical ways of mimicking the information ZF would expect from an HTTP request in a CLI.

Zend Framework is an awesome framework and Cal just shows you can use it not only for web applications, but also for CLI processes. If you're into CLI stuff, check out the slides because they rock.

Go Cal !

This was my first time hearing Cal in a conference. Great job! Very interesting, and left me with a much clearer understanding of how my cronjobs can work better. I can now feel more comfortable leveraging the ZF for my cronjobs. I kept them disconnected before.

The vast majority of this didn't require the Zend Framework at all.. so while it was discussed, it almost seemed ancillary to most of the points. Regardless, my own command-line stuff - mostly in web2project - should benefit from the tips.