Beyond the Bikeshed


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Great talk. I like being able to analyze the stages and structure of a meeting. It will be very helpful in making sure we keep moving forward

The colors concept was interesting. It should help to understand meeting attendants better knowing if they tend to be red, yellow or green. Thank you.

Great talk. It was very interesting examining how different people may react in different types of meetings.

Found a lot of great information about how different personality types interact during meetings. I would be interested to know how this meeting structure works in practice. In concept, it seems like it'd be very productive. Good talk!

Excellent talk! Looking forward to using some of these ideas.

I loved seeing the scientific angle to a traditionally soft subject. Emma presented clearly and well, and in a way that made sense to developers. Thanks :)

I loved the talk and the fact that it made me reflect on my own environment and got me thinking. Look forward to trying to put some of these ideas in place.