Five Tools for Better PHP Development


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Great info, and it's always a pleasure to hear one of your talks. You're a great balance of "passionate" and "optimistic".

Good talk, nice introduction to tools to help developers. I appreciated your real world insight into Cyclomatic Complexity :)

SO MUCH INFO! Loved it. Must make time to try these out.

Good talk. Nice to learn about new tools (to me) like supervisord, gearman and uptime robot. Thank you.

Solid overview with a good pace; I wanted a little more depth on each tool but I imagine time constraints would make that really hard.

Great tips! I had never heard of about half of these tools and of the half I had heard of, I had not seriously used them. Thanks!

I knew about some of the tools already. Excellent choice of what tools to go over. Could have used a just little more depth on some of the tools and overview flow.

Anonymous at 13:35 on 16 May 2013

Sold me a book to boot!

A great set of tools to get started with some better coding practices! Looking forward to using the slides to enhance my notes. Excellent job presenting as well!

Great presentation. I knew about most of the tools, but this really put them together for me.

Wasn't sure what I was going to take away from this, I knew about most of the tools she covered but I was surprised to learn a lot of new things about most of them.

Entertaining but informative description of tools that help you build code better, more efficiently and tell you how good the code is you've built. Loved it. Thanks.