PHP 5.5: The New Bits


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Great talk cant wait to compile 5.5 and give some of the new things a try.

Only one complaint is he spoke a little too fast. Slow down Davey. Other than that, I was able to glean a lot of useful information, and the slide format (2 slides per slide) is fantastic. It makes the talk much more useful after the fact, when reviewing the slides. (and yes, the Generators/Iteration examples with arrows was very helpful to understanding the flow.)

During Q&A, especially in the grand ballroom, it would be more useful to either have the questioner have a microphone or repeat the question for them.

Davey's pace was a little rushed at first, but he did slow himself down about a third of the way through the presentation. If there is a developer hell, I think it would involve explaining generators to a crowd of people not familiar with them, but he managed it with grace.

This was a very good rundown of the new features in 5.5. Extremely useful and practical info!

Anonymous at 12:02 on 15 May 2013

Good job of turning a list of changes into an interesting presentation. You might want to put your hard of hearing comment at the end of your presentation as well, since there are always late arrivals unaware.

Great list of the new features in php 5.5. Generators were very confusing, but Davey did a good job of explaining.

I like the slide layout that he is using and may steal that idea in the future.

Having the walk through of how a generator works was brilliant; still don't know if I would ever use them, but I came away with solid understanding of what they do. Was worth attending just for that.

Good talk, experienced speaker, got a bit confused with generators though ...